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  • iOULUO
    About Us


    Building a globally leading
    brand of intelligent robots

    iouluo robotics is an innovative high-tech enterprise focused on the research and development, design, and manufacturing of special service robots. We are committed to building a globally leading intelligent operation platform and continuously creating the most valuable products and technical services for customers with industry-leading technological level. At present, we have successively established long-term strategic cooperation relationships with the government, large energy enterprises, and well-known overseas groups, and have repeatedly won industry awards and praise. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions.

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    Shake the heart
    Leading technology

    Since its inception, Eoro Robotics has adhered to the mission of "shaking people's hearts and leading technology", injecting the values of "integrity, love, transcendence, and win-win" into the enterprise's bloodline, adopting cutting-edge global scientific and technological advancements to upgrade industrial intelligence, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and create scientific solutions.

    Enterprise advantage

    Core technology

    The implementation of a global planning system for iouluo robots involves numerous professional technical fields, including but not limited to materials science, bionics, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, and visual recognition systems.

    Craftsmanship brand

    Since 2017, iouluo Robotics has won various nationally recognized most promising technology awards, gold awards in the BOIL100 "Entrepreneurship Competition, and Hangzhou" Major Project "awards.

    Possessing both talents

    Since its establishment, iouluo has attracted talents, and its core members mainly come from doctoral (post) and master's degrees from universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore, and Northeastern Universit

    Quality service

    iouluo Robotics adheres to the core values of "integrity, love, transcendence, and win-win" and provides "professional, sincere, high-quality, and efficient" after-sales service to global users.

    Application scenarios

    Shopping mall aluminum plastic board
    Plain glass exterior wall
    Underground population daylighting glass platform
    Northwest Desert and Salt Flats
    Plant roof photovoltaic
    Ranch Photovoltaics

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